Learn to Lime with our online driving school

Lime is committed to providing a safe experience for all. That’s why we’ve partnered with the AA, one of the UK’s largest and most respected motoring organisations, to create an online driving school, designed specifically to provide assistance to riders using e-scooters for the first time as part of ongoing trials in the UK. The school also uses the AA’s unparalleled road safety experience to inform other road users how to interact with e-scooters safely. You can access Lime’s UK Driving School here, with all users that successfully complete the course provided with £25 of free Lime rides in addition to other safety equipment like helmets and high visibility clothing. So what are you waiting for, sign up to take your virtual e-scooter riding test today! (Lime learner plates not provided)

Encouraging responsible riding

Lime is committed to providing a safe experience for all. Whenever we launch in a new city, we invest in “first ride” events, providing new users with a free lesson on how to use our e-bikes and e-scooters responsibly and handing out important safety equipment like helmets and high visibility jackets.

We also work closely with our partner boroughs in London to provide cycle training for residents using our latest Lime e-bikes.

In addition to this, we have invested in targeted safety advertising campaigns, reaching just under million people to date, with important warnings on issues like drink riding or the illegal use of privately owned scooters on public roads in the UK.

We also provide regular reminders to users to ride safety via in-app messages, making sure riders are wearing a helmet, avoiding riding on the pavement and parking responsibly.

Investing in safeguards

Where education isn’t enough, we have also invested in industry-leading safeguards to prevent misuse of our products.

Our geofencing technology can create go slow, or no go zones for riders, preventing irresponsible usage in sensitive areas, like outside schools or hospitals, or near tram tracks. We can also implement no parking zones to prevent any antisocial behaviour.

We define these zones in close partnership with local authorities, the police and private landowners. We also welcome requests from residents to make certain areas no-park or low-speed zones, as we know no one knows your local area better than you.

Click here to request a parking area, no-parking or go-slow zone near you.

Click here to provide general feedback on Lime e-bike and e-scooter parking.

Preventing Pavement Riding

Riding e-scooters on pavements is illegal under the current UK Government trial framework, and we have invested in industry leading pavement detection technology, which allows us to determine when a user is riding on the pavement and caution them. We have trialled this approach across our global markets and found it significantly reduced instances of misuse.
Since August 2020, we have been actively deploying this technology in Milton Keynes and we’re pleased to share the evidence of its impact on our global blog, here.


We have continued to run our services where possible throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, providing a safe and socially distanced form of transport in towns and cities all over the world.

We have been able to do this, because we have invested in the necessary steps to manage our services effectively, ensuring they can operate without carrying an infection risk.

These steps include always following public health advice in local markets, investing in relevant employee training, and using rider communication channels to encourage responsible behaviour – including social distancing and mask wearing, and – where appropriate – restricting usage to essential travel only.

In the UK, Lime follows Public Health England’s guidance across all of its operations. We have also distributed hand sanitiser free of charge to users across all our services.